Professional manufacturer of webbing equipment. Main products: warping machine, jacquard loom, tape making machine, ect.

Jacquard Elastic Machine
Jacquard Elastic Machine
How to produce tape with computer jacquard machine The computer jacquard loom is a computer program that controls the electromagnetic needle selection mechanism of the computer jacquard machine and cooperates with the mechanical motion of the loom to realize the jacquard weaving of the fabric.
Flat speed shuttle less loom
Flat speed shuttle less loom
Weaving of complex tapeYongjin narrow weaving machine has 20 frames, which can control more yarns and produce a variety of complex and elastic or non-elastic narrow fabrics.Features of Yongjin needle loom machine1. The flat belt-out method makes the webbing structure and quality better.2. High speed, the speed can reach 600-1500 rpm.3. Stepless frequency conversion system, easy to operation.4. The main brake system, is stable and reliable.5. The parts are precisely manufactured and durable.
Oblique speed shuttle less loom
Oblique speed shuttle less loom
Oblique needle loom machineThis V type needle loom machine can make non-elastic or elastic webbing. The structure is simple, easy to maintain, and cost-effective.Features of cotton tape making machine1. Using to produce high quality,varied elastic on non-elastic belts , wuch as underwear ilastic, ribbon, shoes belt in garment industry,laces, ribbon in gifts industry. The machine is with high adaptability and used wide and wide ran
Festooning Machine
Festooning Machine
This sharp festooning machine is suitable for most webbing products in the webbing industry, with high packaging capaacity, neatly arranged and stable performance. It can pack 6-70mm elastic or non elastic fabrics.
Yongjin Machinery

We are the most advanced production equipment and the highest precision enterprise in the weaving machinery industry in China, the professional warping machine manufacturers and suppliers.

1. We have a complete set of most advanced processing equipment to ensure that every part of the product is produced strictly and independently, and the quality of the parts is guaranteed.

2. We have the international high precision "two dimensional imaging instrument" and "three-coordinates measuring machine" and other testing equipment, to ensure that each part of the reliable quality.

  • Developing
    Powerful R & D team that can custom-design the ribbon machine for customers
  • Producing
    Complete set of advanced processing equipment to ensure that each part is strictly produced independently.
  • Spare parts detecting
    High-precision testing equipment to ensure reliable quality parts.
  • Warehouse
    Perfect management system, accurate and fast.
  • Parts Assembly
    Advanced mold assembly process, efficient and reliable.
  • Machine Assembling
    Standardized and consistent operation ensures the reliability and stability of the equipment.
  • Testing
    After production, each machine will be detected strictly, to make sure its reliability & stalibity.
  • Delivering
    On-time delivery, production capacity: 300 units per month.
  • 2012+
    Company establishment
  • 130+
    Company personnel
  • 4500+
    Factory area
About Yongjin

Guangzhou Yongjin Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of weaving equipment, related textile machinery and MES production management system. Our main products include warping machine, jacquard loom, needle loom, etc. It is the mission of "make high quality warping machine, devote to global weaving industry". The company has an independent and powerful R & D team to obtain more than 20 national practical patents and invention patents. The company's products have been certified by the CE European Union.

Company Activities
March 8th International Women’s Day
March 8th International Women’s Day
March 8th International Women’s Day. The product helps people create a favorable first impression on a job interview or can even help them out when meeting with potential clients.
Do you know how to make the men’s underwear headband?
Do you know how to make the men’s underwear headband?
do you know how to make the men’s underwear headband? 
Women's Day
Women's Day
Women's DayYongjin Machinery Company pays attention to the management of corporate culture. The company thanks its employees and will hold different celebrations on special holidays. Treat employees like family members. There is a birthday party every month. Let employees be able to carry out the production of the loom in a pleasant working environment.This day is Women’s Day on March 8th, and the company prepares holiday gifts for every female employee. Everyone was very happy to receive the gifts.Our employees thank the company and work together with the company to manufacture high-quality ribbon equipment.
Today I want to show you my work place.
Today I want to show you my work place.
today I want to show you my work place.
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