March 8th International Women’s Day
March 8th International Women’s Day. The product helps people create a favorable first impression on a job interview or can even help them out when meeting with potential clients.
Do you know how to make the men’s underwear headband?
do you know how to make the men’s underwear headband? 
Women's Day
Women's DayYongjin Machinery Company pays attention to the management of corporate culture. The company thanks its employees and will hold different celebrations on special holidays. Treat employees like family members. There is a birthday party every month. Let employees be able to carry out the production of the loom in a pleasant working environment.This day is Women’s Day on March 8th, and the company prepares holiday gifts for every female employee. Everyone was very happy to receive the gifts.Our employees thank the company and work together with the company to manufacture high-quality ribbon equipment.
Today I want to show you my work place.
today I want to show you my work place.
After sales worry-free warranty
In 2018, our company held an  after-sales worry-free warrenty event to  help domestic customers who have bought our products before , check and repair the products.We have a complete after-sales service system for ribbon looms, which can quickly respond to customer needs and solve customer loom problems in a timely and rapid manner.
2021 Dragon Boat Festival
For the annual Dragon Boat Festival, the company has prepared abundant palm fillings and other raw materials. Colleagues from various departments gathered in the conference room to make zongzi together. In the laughter, everyone was busy all day, wrapping up a lot of zongzi. When everyone received the zongzi, they felt very happy. On this special holiday, everyone gathers together, wraps the rice dumplings with blessings and shares happiness.Yongjin machinery Co., ltd. Has a perfect internal management system, and is committed to providing high quality machinery and solutions for the weaving industry. We provide quality service for global customers with the principle of “customer satisfaction”. We are willing to cooperate with friends from all walk of life and work of life and work together to create a better future.
jacquard needle looms —European customer procurement
Europen friend, here we come!!! Looking forward to meeting you soon.Due to the shortage of shipping containers, it takes a long time to order the containers for export.On today's sunny day, we will pack the loom, computerized jacquard loom and warping machine into the container neatly. I hope that this batch of machines can be delivered to customers as soon as possible and contribute to customers' increase in production capacity.Our NF-type loom, with a flat belt-out mechanism, can weave high-quality elastic webbing. This machine is very popular in Europe.Thank customers for their continued support and trust.
    New spring is coming, let’s attend the 1st staff meeting of year 2022 & commendation meeting of quarter 3 & 4 of year 2021, with plenteous achievement gained in 2021.
16 Sets Jacquard Loom Shipment to Abroad
16 sets jacquard loom shipment and warping machine yarn creel shipment to abroad.Last Saturday, 16 sets jacquard loom machine, 5 sets 77 pos yarn creel and 1 set warping machine are sent to our clien. Our packing is so tight that there will be no scratch.
Review of Textile Machinery Exhibition
Review of Textile Machinery ExhibitionSince its establishment, Yongjin Machinery has focused on brand promotion. For many years, we have been actively participating in large-scale textile machinery exhibitions at home and abroad. Show our high-quality webbing machinery and equipment to manufacturers from all over the world, showing the good quality made in China.After years of hard work, our Yongjin brand has been recognized by more and more customers abroad. Our ribbon looms are sold to more than 40 countries abroad.We provide high-quality services to customers around the world based on the principle of customer satisfaction. We hope to sincerely cooperate with friends from all walks of life, work together and create a better future!

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