Professional Jacquard Loom Machine Installation

Yongjin Machinery, has a professtional R & D team. Our machine is make with real stuff and we make them with our heart. After we finish installing the electric jacquard needle loom, we will run it at least 72 hours to ensure it can operate regularly.

Our computer jacquard loom machine is used to produce designs, signs, characters for narrow fabric and decorations, either elastic or non-elastic with jacquard.

Professional Yongjin Needle Loom Workshop Manufacturers

Our Yongjin, only to achieve the best. And each Yongjin parts is the same, select excellent materials, fine processing, professional installation, layer upon layer quality inspection, the pursuit of higher quality, only to ensure the full play of the machine performance!

We have a complete after-sales service system for narrow fabric machinerys, which can quickly respond to customer needs and solve customer loom problems in a timely and rapid manner.

In the country, a comprehensive after-sales return visit was carried out to solve the customer's use problem of the webbing machine and guide the customer's daily maintenance. Customers are very affirmed and praised our after-sales service.

We will go all out to do a good job of our shuttleless weaving machine .

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No matter how cold the weather is, our colleagues still stick to their posts in order to deliver the machine to you on time.

This is a display of Yongjin Machinery's production workshop. Every worker is busy in his job. We have strict rules and procedures, and employees follow the procedures to install, which can ensure product quality.

Daily Maintenance Of Needle Loom Supplier & manufacturers | Yongjin

It must be added lubricating oil and lubricating grease every week. And check whether the lubricating route is smooth before each work.

Horizontal Packing Machine Installation

Yongjin Machinery, a company with a team which is very professtional to produce the machine, quickly and smoothly. We have our own CNC center and the most advanced testing machine to control the quality, so either our machines or our textile parts are long durability and high security.

Yongjin Horizontal Packing Machine is suitable for most webbing products in the webbing industry with high packing capacity, neatly arrange and stable performance. High horizontal packing speed up to 126m/min.

Customized Yongjin Machinery_Professional ribbon Loom Manufacturers From China

Yongjin Machinery Co., Ltd has a perfect internal management system, and is committed to providing high quality machinery and solutions for the weaving industry. We provide quality service for global customers with the principle of “ customer satisfaction.” We willing to cooperate with friends from all walk of life and work together to create a better future.

Yongjin Customized Yongjin Machinery_Professional ribbon L manufacturers From China,We have the most advanced detection ability of the highest accuracy testing equipments

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